For Parents
An Appealing Alternative
As an innovative method of evaluation, WCT focuses your child’s ability to think out of the box instead of memorizing formulas and procedures. The emphasis of WCT is not to evaluate students based on their academic knowledge; rather, it evaluates students on their ability of higher order thinking. It serves as an appealing alternative to ordinary school tests.
Strategize Your Child’s Journey to Higher Education
It is important to discover and recognize talents of students at a young age. The test results serve as an indication of your child’s higher order thinking ability and can also act as a supporting reference for their secondary school admission process. We also encourage students to participate in enrichment programmes so that their talents can be nurtured and cultivated to be better prepared for the future.
Mr. Yip
“My son’s school recommended him to partake in WCT. After the test, his mathematical ability went up quite a bit. I believe it has helped my child in taking tests at school as well.”