For Students
Unlike banal tests, WCT is an enjoyable series of interactive and intellectually stimulating tests. Through our new way of assessment , you can prove your ability in observation, comprehension and organisation.
Lai Wai Lok
“WCT has helped me to understand my mathematical and problem solving abilities. In the long run, I can better tackle questions in other exams as well.”
Dorothy Cheng Wai Chung
Student of The Diocesan Girls School of Hong Kong
“I remember a WCT question that asks students to resolve an issue with a limited set of household tools. WCT doesn’t limit to mathematical knowledge but also high level of intuition and flexibility in thinking. You really have to think outside the box. I believe that involving problem solving skill as a part of the learning experience is very helpful and can reap rewards in the long run. Problem solving is an attribute that can assist us in all aspects of life.”
Chui Tin Chau
“WCT questions are unique. Unlike mathematics in class, this test has truly tested my ability in higher order thinking and analytical skills. Certain real- life scenarios related to daily life were even incorporated in the test; definitely a test worth taking.”
Victor Lin Shao-yuan
“You can't just memorise a bunch of formulas, because there are no fixed formats or patterns to the questions.”
Wong Tsz Yan
“WCT is interesting and challenging. It’s different from the mathematical tests in mainland China which require a great deal of memorization of formulas and procedures.”
Kung Wai Koon
University of Hong Kong
“I remember one of the computer based questions of the tests simulated the growth of a plant. The question asked us to figure out how to grow the tallest plant. This form of questioning was something I have never been exposed to, and it has inspired me to learn.”