For Teachers
WCT incorporates the principle of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in daily-life scenarios. The test can help you assess your students’ abilities for mathematics and problem solving.
Unique Feature
WCT is uniquely designed to evaluate students’ problem solving skills with the incorporation of:
  • Games
  • Experiments
  • Scientific phenomenon
  • Object designs
  • Raw data etc.
Your students will surely be captivated by the variety of materials.
8-10 weeks after WCT, we will send you an analysis of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The educators at over 630 schools that have participated in WCT have given the evaluations positive reviews.
Professor M.Y. Wong
School of Mathematics Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
“By hosting WCT, we have unleashed students’ potentials in mathematics and they have attained a better grasp of the concepts behind. However, students also need to improve on how they express themselves. This is a key element for every student’s growth and learning.”
Principal Y.N. Au
Ho Lap Secondary School
“It’s not really important if a student receives awards or not in WCT. What matters most is the process of test taking. Stimulating an interest for students in mathematics and logical thinking is already a massive step forward for their academic paths.”
Professor T.K. Ng
Executive Director of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
“If students showing potential do not continue to further enhance their abilities, they may gradually lose their touch. Through WCT, students will have more opportunities to further cultivate and nurture their higher thinking abilities. Students should grasp on to every opportunity that arises and rise to the occasion.”