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Test Information

Target Participants

WCT targets students aged 8-14. WCT is available in two levels, Primary and Secondary.
Capable primary students may challenge Secondary Level WCT.


 The test is divided into two subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • Problem Solving
Students may choose to take both or just one of the two sections during the same exam season.


  • Numeric
  • Measures
  • Spatial
  • Algebraic
  • Data Handling
  • Geometric (Only for Secondary Level)

Problem Solving

  • Design or Plan
  • Select
  • Model or Deduce from Data, Fit Constraints
  • Discover or Infer Relationships
  • Translate and Review

Test Format and Duration

Students must complete both parts (Paper 1 and Paper 2) of whichever test they register for.


Available in English or Chinese

Primary Level (Suitable for age 8 - 11)

Paper 1: 1 hour
Paper 2: 1 hour

Secondary Level (Suitable for age 12 - 14)

Paper 1: 1hr 15 mins
Paper 2: 1hr 15 mins


To prepare for WCT, we recommend the use of the following:

Learnlex Online Learning Platform

The Learnlex Online Learning platform provides interactive and thought-provoking materials that we believe will stimulate students to be willing to observe, challenge, and tackle questions. Just 15 minutes daily can take your mathematics and problem solving skills to the next level!