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Events & News

World Class Arena Elite Competition 2011 Award Ceremony
Date : 2011-03-30
There were 397 Hong Kong and mainland contestants participated in this year's WCA Elite Competition, of which 123 students received the Gold Award (Please see below for the Gold Awardees List). Gold Awardees joined the Award Presentation Ceremony which was held on 20 March 2011 at HKUST.

Gold Awardees’ group photo.
Group photo with Guests, Gold Awardees and WCTAC representatives.

Director of WCT Asia Center, Prof Ng Tai Ki shared with us an inspiring speech. Prof Edmund Chiang of the HKUST Mathematics Department made his point in nurturing gifted and talented youngsters.

Over 300 HK and mainland awardees and guests showed up in the ceremony. Kwok Tin Ming, Trumptech CEO, rounded up the results in this year WCA Elite Competition.

Gold Awardees feared nothing when one of the most challenging questions in the competition was thrown to them. Wong Yat and Wu Hoi Kwong gave a good account of themselves solving one of the most challenging questions in front of the guests.