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HK Students Shine in November 2005 World Class Tests
Date : 2006-01-24

Hong Kong students shine in November 2005 World Class Tests (WCT). 80% Hong Kong students passed in WCT, which reveals Hong Kong students' ability in mathematics and problem solving.

2700 local Hong Kong students took part in the test. In the Mathematics test, Hong Kong students' performance is outstanding, 86% passed and over 30% obtained distinctions.

Principal To Ka Hing of Buddhist Wing Yan School (A.M.) said WCT could help students develop logical thinking and creativity; it also tested students' ability in data handling. It was, however, different from traditional tests, which students would face less pressure. He also said the WCT results revealed that Hong Kong students had solid foundation in Mathematics and showed persistent improvement in problem-solving skill. Finally, he encouraged more students to take the test so that they could develop Higher Order Thinking Skills.

In the 8-11 age group, 81% students passed in the problem-solving test with which 20% obtained distinctions. Among whom is Ho Ching Yin, a 11-year-old boy, he took the challenge to sit for the 12-14 age group problem-solving test. He has become the youngest distinction awardees in the 12-14 age group. He said, " I am surprised that I got distinction in the problem-solving test. I find WCT an interesting test and the questions are related to every day life. I can still recall some of the interesting questions."

WCT, a worldwide initiative devised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority of the British Government's Department for Education and Skills (DfES) covering mathematics and problem-solving tests has been launched in Hong Kong since April 2004. Targeted at students aged from 8 to 14, WCT has attracted more than 7,200 seats from approximately 250 primary and secondary schools to enrol since the launch.

Students who attained distinctions in April and November 2005 WCT will be invited to take part in World Class Arena Elite Competition, which will be held in early February. Three cream-of-the-crop students will be awarded the UK NAGTY Summer Schools Scholarships and get access to 2005/2006 UK NAGTY Summer Schools.

The next test to be held in April 2006, which is open to all schools and students aged from 8 to 14 in Hong Kong, has already attracted over 20 schools to sign in. Trumptech is currently inviting schools to be the core partnering school of April World Class Arena. The students of the partnering schools will enjoy a series of mind inspiration including the test assessments; school based problem-solving skill workshop and an online inspiration programme, namely, "A Maths Question A Day".