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CX Pilot Opens Up the Sky for High Flyers in World Class Tests
Date : 2006-07-05

Twenty top achievers in World Class Tests aged from 10 to 14 who are gifted in mathematics and problem solving skills, have become the youngest to attempt a basic private jet flying training program offered by The Cyberport Institute of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong (Cyber.i). They have got a glimpse of life in the sky from the ten-hour training, which covers both computerized flying simulation and theory. Among all participants, three young high flyers in the World Class Arena Elite Competition (China Region), have been granted sponsorships from Cathay Pacific and will become the first batch of non-UK students qualifying for a summer program for gifted children in the UK run by the UK National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (UK NAGTY).

The students won their way into the flying training program by attaining distinction in both mathematics as well as problem solving skills in the World Class Tests and outperformed over 280 counterparts from Hong Kong and Mainland China in World Class Arena Elite Competition (China Region) organized by Cyber.i and Trumptech (HK) Limited. They were given a golden opportunity to interact first-hand with Mr. Reggy Pong, Senior First Officer of Cathay Pacific Airways during a mentorship session in the last training lesson.

Mr. Pong, impressed by the students' overwhelming feedback said, "I believe the students who excel in the World Class Tests possess the prerequisites of being a pilot. As you know we need to stay calm and be responsive in the midst of contingency and crisis. Therefore, students with meticulous thinking and strong analytical skills would have advantages to live the dream of flying to the sky."

Cyber.i and Trumptech (HK) Limited have been jointly providing different initiatives to facilitate academic exchanges between Hong Kong and Mainland China students and enhance their problem solving skills and higher order thinking. Following the great success of World Class Arena Elite Competition and well-received feedback of UK NAGTY summer course, they specially offered the exceptional program to broaden students' horizons and inspire their interests in different aspects.

The youngest participant Priscilla Yeung said, "we are exposed to many new subjects in this program that we rarely learn at school. Flying simulation is my favorite part. I am just like a pilot sitting in the cockpit, facing the wide screen and holding the joystick. I hope I can realize my dream of flying a plane very soon,"

Mr. Kwok Tin-ming, CEO of Trumptech said, "we highly appreciate the support from Cyber.i and Cathay Pacific that bring an unforgettable experience to the double distinctions students in World Class Tests. We hope to collaborate the efforts from different sectors and provide a diversified, inspirational and interesting learning opportunities to our students."