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World Class Test Results Unveil Hong Kong Students Shines in Problem-solving Skills
Date : 2005-10-17
Over 1,500 students participated in April 2005 World Class Tests (WCT). Almost ninety percent of Primary School students in Hong Kong passed the problem-solving paper, of which near thirty percent attained distinctions. On 17 October 2005, Trumptech (HK) Limited, WCT Greater China & Asia Organizer organized a “World Class Arena Prize Presentation Ceremony” to commend and celebrate their outstanding performance.

In April 2005 WCT, Hong Kong students showed great progress in the problem-solving paper, the overall passing rate has inched up by 30%. In the 8-11 age group, the passing rate for mathematics and problem-solving tests are 72% and 89% respectively. 52% students earned a merit or distinction in the mathematics test while 32% students earned a distinction in problem-solving test.
Mr. T.M. Kwok, CEO, Trumptech (HK) Limited said, “Problem solving skill is a key learning area in the US and British curriculum. In face of the ever-changing world, it is a must for students to have this skill. The problem-solving element has already been brought into the current curriculum, Liberal Studies would be an example.”

“Our school is in Yuen Long and most of our students live in estates nearby, nevertheless, they are willing to pay at least $200 to sit for the test because they want to take the challenge and gain recognition,” said Principal of A.D. & F.D.P.O.H. Ltd. Leung Sing Tak School (A.M.)

Wong Pak Hin, a student of Pegasus Philip Wong Kin Hang Primary School, also the youngest student who attained distinctions in both mathematics and problem solving test said, ”I love problem-solving questions most because they are interesting and the answers are flexible. I find the Primary 4 mathematics questions too easy. I hope I can have problem-solving exercise at school.”

Any student scoring double distinctions in both mathematics and problem-solving skills in the World Class Tests in April or November 2005 will have an opportunity to participate in the World Class Arena Elite Competition in early 2006. Three cream-of-the-crop students will be awarded the UK NAGTY Summer Schools Scholarships and get access to 2005/2006 UK NAGTY Summer Schools.

The next test to be held in November 2005, which is open to all schools and students aged from 8 to 14 in Hong Kong, has already attracted over 20 schools to sign in. Trumptech is currently inviting schools to be the core partnering school of November World Class Arena. The students of the partnering schools will enjoy a series of mind inspiration including the test assessments; school based problem-solving skill workshop and an online inspiration programme, namely, “A Maths Question A Day”.

April 2005 World Class Arena Prize Presentation Ceremony