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Elite Competition

Cancellation Announcement of 2021 WCA Elite Competition

WCA Elite Competition has been held in January, February each year. But this year Competition has been cancelled due to the latest situation of the novel coronavirus epidemic and school suspension. The safety and health of the participants and the staff always come first in our consideration.
Thank you for your attention and support to this Competition. We are sorry to the inconvenience caused as a result of its cancellation. We wish everyone good health and have the opportunity to see you in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Now 2021 WCA Elite Competition is cancelled, can 2020 Double Distinction students do the 2022 WCA Elite Competition instead?
A: By the competition rules, current year WCA Elite Competition only invites WCT Double Distinction students from last year. Due to this year special circumstances, 2020 Double Distinction students can apply for doing the 2022 WCA Elite Competition. We shall announce the details prior to 2022 Elite Competition application. By then, parents will be contacted via email/SMS.
Q: In 2020, the student took the Age 8-11 group WCT. By the end of 2021, the student will be 12 y.o. For 2022 WCA Elite Competition, which Age group he will be invited to join?
A: According to the competition rules, 1 Janaury 2022 is the cut-off date to decide whether a student will take Age 8-11 or 12-14 group in the 2022 WCA Elite Competition. In order words, a student will be invited to do the Age 8-11 Competition if he is still 11 y.o. at the end of 2021. If a student is already 12 y.o. on 1 January 2022, he will be invited for the Age 12-14 group at the Competition.
Enquiries: 2354 0890