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What if my child’s school is not a registered participating WCT test centre?
You may directly apply for your child via Trumptech (WCT’s hosting organiser). Upon successful application, Trumptech will arrange the nearest test center available for your child to take the test.
What should I do to prepare my child for WCT?
WCT focuses on each student’s capability of higher order thinking, not their classroom performance. WCT is an innovative evaluation where memorization of formulas and procedures are unnecessary. However, to prepare , parents may use WCT mock papers as reference and use MAD at Learnlex online learning platform for a better grasp of what to expect on test day.
What to expect after taking WCT?
Results will be released approximately 8-10 weeks after the test. A certificate will be awarded to the student depending on his/her performance (Grading as Participated, Pass, Merit, or Distinction). Students who perform well on WCT have a chance to be invited to take part in the Elite competition to compete with the ‘crème de la crème’ from Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan.
Can my child retake WCT?
Yes. Your child may retake the test in either section within his/her age group. For those who have taken the tests in the 8-11 age group, they may take the tests that fall under the 12-14 age group as well whenever they are ready.